One very popular type of advertising is television advertising. They might range from brief and straightforward to lengthy and intricate, but they always have the same objective: to sell something. 

In terms of their duration, they can run between 30-60 seconds but the 30-second commercial is the sort of advertisement that is most frequently shown on television. It typically has a voiceover informing you of what is happening in the ad and frequently features people using or enjoying the product while background music is playing.

Television commercials are spread across the globe  as one of the most popular ways of reaching the audience. You can’t get away from them! Because they know it works, advertisers pay billions of dollars annually to ensure that you see their commercials.

In India, television is the most widely used form of entertainment. A television is a family investment. In India, the majority of homes have a television that the whole family watches. For many, television is not a luxury but rather a necessity. Television is a trusted medium, and having a brand shown on it gives it authenticity, credibility, and premium value. As a result, when it comes to advertising, many firms want to be on television.